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Bayou Block Party poster

Bayou Block Party poster




Joseph Vastagh is living with chronic Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), a rare condition that causes blood clots in the legs, accompanied by swelling, pain and discoloration in the affected area. As his condition has worsened, the noninvasive treatments have proven ineffective. Hiis healthcare coverage won’t cover the necessary surgery to insure the survival of his legs. Without it, he faces the risk of amputation or a potentially life threatening pulmonary embolism. 
100% of the proceeds from this poster to SAVE JOE’S LEGS!

Cafe Racer

Austin Wyatt- promotional image

Honda CL 90 – Concept Art

A Knights Tale Retail Poster

Barter’s Resale in-store signage

been having a little fun with my job…












Loudon Wainright Concert Drawing

Loudon Wainright played an amazing show last night, but my favorite part about sitting front row center was being close enough to draw.

Drawing on location


Basement Choppers face lift

My neighbor came over the other day and informed me that he maintains a chopper blog and asked if I would help him spruce up the design.  I love motorcycles and have been dying to do some of that sort of work, so I jumped on it.

Virtual Worlds by Gino Barzizza

to be included in Suspect Device, a collection of pages by Josh Bayer.