More Jiu Jitsu drawings- Triangle Hold

Triangle Hold

7 responses to “More Jiu Jitsu drawings- Triangle Hold

  1. Very cool

    please draw more jits stuff

  2. Seriously cool, more jiu-jitsu please.

  3. More jits stuff! I am on a mission to try and represent the beauty of this sport in art as well, Love this and love your work.

  4. Simon Schultz

    Hey I love your drawings. I’m doing an exam project (multimedia design) and I wanted to know if I could use your drawing for this online project, if I gave you credit for it on the website and linked to this site?

    My project is an online blog and community for Danish martial artists, so the site will be in Danish and will function as a platform for knowledge and community.

    I hope to hear from you, as your artwork is the best I have found for this purpose. I’m a student, so I don’t have money for this project, sadly… Cause I’d love to pay you.


  5. i tattod that on my chest 🙂

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